Philosophy and Directives
Education Philosophy provides quality education through transparent dealings to encourage the spirit of student in addition to improve knowledge, skill & attitude and produces creative teachers, who have a vision of a commander to coach, manager to mentor, from a director to the one who delegates and from one who facilitates self respect.

Thus B.Ed Education prepares such teachers who are not only confident & competent but have the full hopes


‘Sardar Gian Singh Memorial College’ is conceived to be an apex institute offering quality education of progress, fearlessness and truthfulness. Its broad vision is to serve as a catalyst and an agent of change to steer the global education in and around Gwalior region towards integration with networking society in the new millennium.


The Mission
1. To link the academics with the institutions so as to bridge the gap between theoretical aspects and their practical application (Theoretical lessons coupled with live practical example) and to use it for the development & growth of the nation.
2.To defeat the challenges of all problems & succeed, by inculcating the sprit of leadership and organizing personality development session.
3. To learn the nature making and help in knowledgeable society by motivating student faculty team to sponsor rural development programme.
4. To acquire, analyze, research & integrate all aspects of knowledge.

The Objectives
1. To develop appropriate environment for learning & training.
2. To organize personality enhancement programmes.
3. To undertake the faculty development programmes
4. To encourage the sprit of adventure & confidence in the students, locked by indometable spirit.
5. To develop interest for the renowned educational institutions for practical training.
6. To undertake respect & consultancy programmes